Gas oven before using after the seven demands attention

2019-11-27 497
Gas oven before using after the seven demands attention
1. Before the gas ovens, pipes and fittings To view a device is not qualified, but do burst test, when put into use after the identification of qualified talent.
2. Ovens division flue suction pump may not be less than 30Pa, pressure pipes must not be less than 500Pa, when debugging can not solve the needs of aborted when burned.
3. Replace gas oven size board, stern view to sealing devices, to advance the torch on the gas burning mouth every time debugging.
4. Find special treatment when epitaxial Spitfire oven and meter catheter fall, to immediately suspend heated.
5. When the oven to prepare a certain number of gas masks, so that when the worker improperly presented promptly to the fresh air and to the hospital in time to view.
6. Replace gas oven equipment, in order to ensure the safety of at least two people present, according to the situation can be appropriately add workers.
7. The gas pipeline should be promptly organize, when the job is to make safety assurance approach.