Homemade roast pork neck

2019-11-27 1105
Information: pork neck one, soy sauce, mirin (cooking with specialized supermarkets sell), garlic, honey, salt, Japanese sauce
1. Wash the pork neck meat drained of water, with few salt, garlic, soy sauce, pickled, usually in the refrigerator (the refrigerator cell) marinated for a night or two nights.
2, before cooking in advance from the refrigerator out, after the Heat wok, pour peanut oil, add ginger and garlic meat picked up after the burst sesame oil, ginger and garlic, add pork neck (when to get rid of garlic marinated release Since simple burnt) fried.
3, in the fried pork neck, to grasp the heat, the first fire to two slightly fried fried, then simmered slowly turn fried period with chopsticks kept flip, then pork itself also forced out of the oil, with a boiling oil pan shovel Gradually pour in the meat, to the 80% or so, add a small amount of Japanese sauce, seasoned slowly cook until 9.
4, finally painted on a few pieces of honey, after attending the sugar, simple charred, so pay attention to the heat, a little one will then boiling off the heat on the plate, after summer living point, slice and you're done.
1, in the marinated pork neck, as little as possible under the sugar, because of the simplicity in the firing process will paste.
2, in the firing period, try not under the ginger and garlic, bring it up after the explosion of oil, but also afraid of coke.
3, in the firing process, due to meet oil, I do not add water, add water, then, is not so crisp. But pay attention to grasp the heat to a small fire main, gradually turning two.