Thermocouples used in the oven furnace

2019-11-27 1025
After the furnace brickwork job, the key mission is to oven. Faced with the use of all castable pouring all new stove, and the time and no country can draw on existing experience, and thus a larger hard. In terms of technique oven, oven process and ovens curve have carried out in-depth studies, comparative entirely oven developed a two-step plan.
The first step in the selection of the furnace laying special oven tube ovens, ovens pipe 12 disposed along the longitudinal direction of the furnace. The second step is when the furnace when the temperature reaches 600 ℃ or so, enable the furnace burner burning ovens, even burning, ensure that the temperature inside the furnace spread evenly mix gas burner fuel choice.
Ovens Ovens curve is most critical in the process of content, it is related to the victory of the oven. In the oven process, in strict accordance with oven performance curve, because Ovens plan to develop reasonable and found no cracks falling refractories and other conditions in the oven, so that the furnace conditions to reach the outstanding condition. In order to accurately measure the temperature of the furnace wall, through the furnace thermocouple pumped into the furnace wall, the inner wall of the hole furnace refractory fiber felt blocked simply deal with the furnace wall temperature measurement doubt, the oven temperature to ensure measurement accuracy