Bad habits actually cause trouble how exactly to use the microwave oven

2019-11-27 646
About many users, home microwave oven has become an essential commodity. Function microwave rich and contains the food for cooking, heating, freezing and drying, use very extensive, but many users are used solely for hot leftovers. Today we focus on news related to one and a microwave, a small microwave, actually almost cause a fire incident, it is worth our attention.
Under normal conditions the microwave mica
In the normal course of using the microwave oven, and it is due to what caused the damage to the mica it? And pay attention to what the problem user needs it? In real life, many users accustomed to open directly to the leftovers placed in direct heating plate, knowing that such an approach would have been, let the oil spot stains and other substances may splash onto the inner wall of the microwave oven, and place the orientation of mica It can not escape. Over time, the baht inch tired plot occurs a lot of oil. Thus, the microwave oven after launch, heavy oil will cause the microwave oven ignition status, once the long-term use, although the temperature in mica can certainly extent, still it will form the mica breakdown may burn situation.
■ how to extend the service life of the microwave oven?
To understand the problems appearances later, we must be very concerned about how talented accurate conservation microwave, do not let microwave showing unexpected situations, and then extend the service life goods? The author summarizes the following points, and together we share it. First, to organize to protect the timing of the microwave oven. Although the fire did not like the microwave oven, prone to a lot of smoke, but perhaps heating the food in the cooking process, there will still be oil and other substances occur. Long-term consolidation microwave, occurs in the inner wall of the microwave oven layer of oil, then it brings security risks.
To protect the microwave timer
Secondly, the timing is very important to protect. Therefore, the best approach is to use a microwave oven after the end of each should be open oven door, use a dry cloth to scrub clean the inner walls to prevent accumulation representation showing greasy. And in the process we heat leftovers, and do not momentary strength Figure province, directly to the plate placed into a microwave oven. Accurate approach is to place the food bowl to microwave ovens, and open the appropriate holes, with this approach to water, to prevent fumes from splashing into the inner wall. Just treat microwave, pay more protection, ability to ensure the normal use of commodities to prevent presents a security risk.