Progress kitchen oven power good use

2019-11-27 513

Electric oven quickly frozen. At the preparatory meeting to entertain, sometimes quickly freeze the entire meat material, water rushed too late on more than time, and water resources serious waste, usually in such cases, I will oven adjusted to 70 ℃, turn lighting lights, the whole plate material into the meat, set time of 10 minutes, you can freeze. Electric Oven freeze advantage that is fast, efficient and do not waste water resources. New cutting board: soaked + injection = crack. New cutting board into the basin soaked 24 hours, with a watering can spray their appearance salad, repeated three times, can prevent chapped. Choose this method can replace the original outer reinforcement wire chopping block approach, not only beautiful, and increase the chopping block of life, and reduce the costs. Electric Oven bulk heating iron. The electric oven temperature to 280 ℃, time is set to 8 minutes, can be a one-time heating iron 40, progressed kitchen power, favor mass production of iron dish.