Two processes easily make spicy braised trotter

2019-11-27 492
Two processes easily make spicy braised trotter
Ingredients: trotter, wine, tomato sauce, bean paste, soy sauce, sugar, fermented rice, salt, hot pepper sauce, pepper, ginger and garlic.
Spicy braised trotter practice
1. Wash trotter add two spoonfuls of wine, ginger water to boil off the boil for a short iron Xuemo, the cook ten minutes. Cooked through a little better trotter remove odor. 2. trotter plus a small amount of soy sauce with wine with water plus the appropriate pressure cooker for 20 minutes. Pot of soup will not have to wait Ha, still a little taste.
3. The pressure good trotter fish fry in a pan slightly red skin yellow, add pepper, garlic until fragrant.
4. according to participate in wine, chili sauce, bean paste, ketchup, soy sauce, fermented rice, sugar to taste, stir-fry until sauce trotter are wrapped.
5. Add the boiling water over the ingredients did not, cover the lid after the fire to boil turn the heat and simmer fifteen minutes, add salt, dries the sauce pan.
The first press why then burned. Such is also a quiz Kazakhstan, greatly shorten the time to make this dish. And burn out trotter only soft rotten tasty, fragrant and attractive